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Our kittens are animated just like these kitties we love. Have fun with your kittens and cats by having safe

toys as an outlet for their instinctive prey-chasing behaviors. When you are the one playing and having fun with them, playtime

becomes a bonding experience for you both together.  
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 we looooooove you luna!!! here we are live from the jersey boys set with Natalie Ballo, Kaleigh Cornin, Ruby Lewis. we think you are super pawsome and mega furbulous!!! xoxo.

Natalie Gallo, Kaleigh Cornin, and Ruby Lewis. They are truly among the hardest-working performers on Broadway. With numerous characters to play, the ladies of Jersey Boys keep the story moving, the songs humming and the show rocking. Let’s hear it for the girls and our BFF Luna the Fashion Kitty!

Luna is a cool cat!

Do you want to learn how to get your kitty to do tricks?
Follow Luna the Fashion Kitty on fb & watch this youtube video to learn how...
She's my furrIend and she really knows how to dress for a purrsian.
WE LOVES LUNA!!! Her work for Persian cat rescue is respected and most appreciated.

A letter to Love Persians Cattery from Luna the Fashion Kitty!

Mona I'm honor! 
Fur reals i'm very honor because you guys have seen the best purrsians in the world and i'm super flatter that you guys find me pretty!
Thanks so much fur share my video tricks, i like to show the world that we are very smart, my momma started training me when she read online that we purrsians are the dumbest breed! So every day i want to show everypawdy we are not only pretty but also very intelligent! 
Thanks a lot fur the support, i really appreciate!!

My next friend is a walking piece of art... Her Mommy is very talented and paints Yogi for the world to see.              English blog   Facebook             Japaniese blog

Please visit my favorite Sphynx cat YOGI, you can meet her online. Visit her bolg and like her on fb(Yogi and Furriends). Yogi a super sweet, funny and hip cat. She has no hair and like to dress up like our friend Luna the Fashion Kitty. She's a size XXXL that's into food, fashion and beauty. Best of all she's a kind and lovable furriend who helps out displaced cats find furrier homes along with Luna!

Love Persians Cattery is also a big fan of Simon's Cat. Here are some fun clips from Youtube for you to enjoy from our friends in London, England...

Hi Mona, 

You are welcome to embed the Youtube videos or link to them. 

Thanks for your support! 

Warm regards,

Simon's Cat
Simon's Cat Team
Simon's Cat Ltd.| 26 Cross Street | Islington | London | N1 2BG

We recently commissioned Steve Gadlin from ABC Shark Tank to draw us our very own Love Persians Cat drawing. Here it is... check it out! Order your very own original art from Steve to cherish. Whoopy!

I drew your cat!

Howdy. Thanks so much for ordering a cat from This email is to inform you that I just finished drawing your cat. Whoopy!

Thanks again for your order. Be sure to tell your friends that I want to draw a cat for them, too. If you have any questions or problems, shoot me an email any time -

Happy Wednesday!



We drew Steve a cat too! He was nice enough to take a pic with our gift. xoxo PURRS