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Past Kittens

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The hardest part of raising kittens is having to let them go. We enjoy hearing back from our pet owners sharing stories and pics. It feels great hearing how much our kittens are being loved. Many of our babies have gone on to become best friends of children and adults alike.
Here are some of our favorite previous kittens from the past. We treat them like our children. We take great pride in helping to build their confidence and helping them develop their unique personalities. Thank you to ALL of our Love Persians kitten owners for being awesome fur parents!!! Here is a tribute to some our past kittens in this photo montage. 
Meet Love Persians Shaded Silver Kitten "KIWI" and his loving owner Stephanie
~ I didn't know you had a facebook page! Kiwi is about 6 months now and I can't thank you enough.. he is the sweetest thing and I love him more and more everyday.. I have a Kiwi album if you want to see how he is doing..-Stephanie

"Kiwi" poses for his kitten pics

Meet Love Persians kitten "Mozart"

Hi.  This is one of the families who received one of your beautiful kittens in September 2012.  I just saw from your website that you were severely impacted by Super Storm Sandy.  I am so sorry to hear about that. 
After having our cat, Mozart, for almost a year, we wanted to thank you for all the love he has provided to us. We enclosed two pictures of him now.  As you may recall, Mozart went to 2 little boys who cherish him completely.  You handpicked him for us having the sensitivity that our cat will be around children.  We just wanted to say that you are the best breeder in the world who loves their animals!  This is obvious from the soft/gentle soul Mozart is a part of.  
Warm wishes,

Thank you! He is doing great! Mozart purrs all the time. The kids are obsessed with him. They are treating him so gently and our house has never been so quiet! The kids say we need to speak softly. Too funny! We also have Mozart music playing a few hours a day.

 Feel free to put the photos and justified endorsement! The kids are actually with Mozart right now softly petting him while he purrs. We are so lucky to have him. Feel so terrible about the news about Mozart's mother. She definitely has a shining light with us through his bright and loving eyes.
All the best!


Meet Love Persians Kitten "Jagger" aka "Creeper" 
, Hello! How are you? I just wanted to send an update on Jagger to let you know how he's doing! Jagger is one-of-a kind. He is so sweet and has a very big personality. He's silly and funny but can also be the biggest mush! We nicknamed him 'the creeper' because he loves to 'sneak up' on people even though he's in plain sight. He's hysterical and has us in tears from laughing so much. He likes to be where the people are and is anything but shy. He weighs almost 2.5 pounds, and is getting bigger every day! He loves to play with just about anything, but especially loves strings and anything that hangs like a string. He also has a new obsession with water and the bathtub lol. I sent a few more emails with a few pictures for you to see how beautiful he is and how big he's gotten!! Thank you again for everything-Jagger has already brought so much love and joy to our home and our hearts.

Update from kitten Jagger...
Hi! We got our beautiful kitten "Jagger" from you guys in January! Jagger turned one year old today, so I thought I would send you an update on how wonderful he is!!

Jagger has filled our lives with so much love and joy! We continue to love him more and more every day. He's very healthy and weighs about 9 pounds! He has the most beautiful coat, and stunning bright green/copper eyes. He loves to eat, play and sleep: preferably cuddled up next to one of us. He loves when anyone comes over, whether it's to play or just another person to snuggle up to. I must admit that we spoil him rotten, but he deserves every toy, treat, kiss and belly rub! He's truly the sweetest animal we have ever known, and we're so grateful to have him :) Thank you again for the opportunity to have such a smart, funny and loving pet (ha, pet, who am I kidding - he's our child!). 

I attached some recent pictures of him for you to see! We hope all is well with you guys and all of your furry friends! 

June 2014

Update on Jagger: He now has a new sister he loves. Her name is Mischa! 

In two days, my kitten has mustered the courage to come out from under the bed and explore every crevice of my apartment, she eats and drinks on her own, she used the litter box AND she comes to me when I call her name. I feel like a proud mom. Oh and I got my first love nudge. — with Love Persians.

She's the kitten on the left in the first two pics with her litter mates. 

Meet Love Persians Kitten "Bella"

Hello Love Persians,
First of all she is beautiful and her personality is very relaxed.  Bella has the best temperament she does not put out her claws ever.  Bella adores my children and they adore her.  She takes a nap with you and of course lays with and gets along very well with our 2 labradors.  She drinks from the dogs water bowl and lays with both of them all the time. 


Hello Naeem,

We have had princess Bella for a year and her temperament is fantastic she is so sweet she sleeps with us at night and during the day takes cat naps with both our labradors.  She holds the dogs nose and cleans his face too.  She never puts her nails out either on anyone, she uses her scratch post.  She allows me to brush her and loves it.  I do trim her nails and she doesn't mind as long as I brush her too.
All the Best

Update June 2014

Bella has a brother now. His name is Simba!

Baby Simba:

Meet Love Persians Kitten "Kiwi"

Hi there! I wanted to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart! First I would like to let you guys know that we decided on a different name for him. We both realized that Farrokh didn't fit his personality. So we choose Kiwi. :) With the amount of cuteness that he has...he had to have a VERY cute name! So KIWI!! It makes more sense.

When we brought him home he acted like he had lived here his whole life! HAHA!! Runnin' around all over and so friendly with company. Never ever hides when people come over. I love that! I would never want a cat that hides under the bed when company comes over. We are in the process of renovating our bathroom and he want to be all involved with whatever the guys are doing and he is making the workers fall in love with him. (So that means I am constantly talking about Love Persians and how amazing you guys are!) 

He couldn't be anymore perfect! He sleeps for an hour and plays for an hour on and off and then when we go to sleep he sleep in-between us all night and doesn't wake up until we do. SO AWESOME!!!! I thank you guys for that one! AND also for training him to go in the kitty liter. 

Mark and I are constantly talking about how wonderful you guys are and how you raise your animals. I admire that 100%!! 

We have been discussing getting another kitten from you guys. We think that Kiwi needs a friend.
Also, I hope you guys are safe. I know you are by the water. I hope everything is okay with you all! 

Here are some more photos of Kiwi. 

Thank you again over and over!!
Updated pics of Kiwi    

Meet Love Persians cream point Himalayan Kitten "Prince Baboo"
Prince Baboo lives in Naperville, Illinois

Hi Mona!

It's good to hear from you!  You absolutely have our permission to use any pictures of Baboo on the website!  We are so happy to have him, you have no idea!  Here's some more pics of Baboo.  Also, his personality is just the cutest.  Jordan and Baboo play tag every morning (I'm not kidding)!  He's really the best lil' cat ever!Take Care
Next time I have a photo shoot with him, I send you some pics!  

Meet Love Persians Kitten Bailey

Bailey baby pics

Hi! Bailey got a great report at the doc! He is soooo sweet! He purrs non-stop and gives kisses! He is a mush! Thanks sooo much for everything. Bailey is getting very spoiled (hehehehe). I attached a pic of Bailey all tucked in his bed. Too cute!

We are pleased to introduce to you Al and Regina, our favorite Love Persians kittens owners from Long Island, NY. We especially love this family for their AMAZINGLY HUGE HEARTS. 
Al, Regina, Jackie, Tristan and Caleb are all  proud owners of two brothers silver and golden Persians ,"Bailey and Kahlua".
We would like to share a few fb messages with you about kittens Bailey and Kahlua. 

hi Naeem and Mona!!!
We are so excited for the new kitten....we were thinking that the boy kitten might match Bailey better...and Al likes him because of his coloring haha, he is more darker...I think Bailey will be excited and so happy to have someone to play with. we constantly play with him, then cuddle...we run around the house with string and he loves to play boo! we duck behind a couch or furniture and hide, then pop our head up and say boo..Bailey's eyes get so wide and and he sneaks up on us little by little until he scares us!!! LOL he is so cute and we ALL are so in love with him! Even all our friends come to see him, he is so playful and social!!

We already thought of a name for the new kitten, we actually thought of it when we first took Bailey home, we always said when we get a fluffy sem, we'll name him or her Kahlua...haha...Bailey and Kahlua, what do you think?

Today we checked your website and saw all the kittens!! How adorable, who else had kittens? Also, we saw you only put the girls picture up, we thought maybe you picked out the boy for us too haha...we were also wondering, who is the father of the kittens? I hope you are all doing great...we think of you every day and how amazing you guys are, and we always love to see how all the cats and kittens are have a beautiful family!

Hi Naeem and mona!! We hope you had a blessed thanksgiving, you are always in our minds and hearts! We have been having many guests over as the holidays are here and Bailey and kahlua are always the center of attention. Everyone just falls in love with them and you know we are your biggest fans  my brother wants to get a kitten for his daughter, a baby fluffy kahlua lol and our neighbor also asked us, I think she may want a baby bailey as she had a silver Persian that passed over the summer. I told them I would ask you. We are so thankful for you!


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